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Love is the most powerful feeling in the world… when you are in love you are not afraid of anything, is unbelievable how much love can change us as human being… love make us fearless, powerful, capable of achieving great things and help us to complete our biggest  dreams . I can easily enumerate things that make me happy and I think a lot of us can but sometimes we forgot how beautiful life is and how lucky we are by having our family and friends closed to us. Life is beautiful… that is trying Redoute to say. We should love more, judge less and smile often. We live in a world of speeding, everything is changing by minute and we have to keep up every second of our life but this doesn’t mean we cannot stop for a second and say for example: ”I love you” to the person you love.

La Redoute is sharing the love these days and remind you that you need to share it back to the people you love. Does not need to be Valentine Day’s to say ”I love you”

People need this, people need not to feel alone because actually nobody is alone, and we all have someone who cares about us so don’t forget to call your mother, father or even your friends. Everyone will be happy to hear from you because your love can not be replaced. Is unique.

This post has been sponsored by brandname La Redoute, but all thoughts are my own.

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Five Minutes With: Leigh Lezark

Five Minutes With: Leigh Lezark

How does it feel to be part of this new venture in Shanghai with Michael Kors?

It’s great to be in Shanghai with Michael Kors. The jet set theme was complete with his private plane in the air hangar while I DJed.

“There are no [style] rules.”

What’s exciting you in fashion right now – are there any trends, styles, designers you’re loving?

I really liked my looks from Michael Kors in Shanghai. One was a bandeau bra top and matching skirt in a green print, and another was a brown and black striped shirt and printed skirt to complete the look. Other than that, I love the Chanel paint print from Spring/Summer 2014 and the Prada Creeper.

Who is your ultimate style icon/muse – and why?

Madonna; she’s always evolving and reinventing herself.

What are your top style rules for the season?

There are no rules.

What are your beauty bag can’t-leave-the-house-withouts?

Kiehl’s moisturiser, Chanel black eyeliner, sunscreen and a Kiehl’s face mask.

What’s coming up next for you?

Later this year my DJ partners and I are launching a remix album that will be released every six months, just like the fashion seasons.

Scroll through the exclusive images of Leigh Lezark in the gallery above and shop our favourite Michael Kors pieces below.

Get the lowdown from The Michael Kors Jet Set Experience party.

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Wedding Expedition and London having fun

Can you imagine the most amazing day in your life?! Is the day when you feel like a princess, when you are surrounded by the people you love, is your wedding day, the day you dreamed all your life and off course you want everything to be perfect. First step for having an amazing wedding is off course to feel comfortable with yourself, and you can do that wearing a dress that it is suits to you, probably you have an idea how you will like to look or maybe you don’t have any clue, but don’t worry, you can find a lot of models in magazines or simply why not visit the exhibition “Wedding Dress 1775 – 2014” at the Victoria and Albert Museum. There the history is waiting for you, the time stop, there you can see the designers magic and there beautiful creation who are beyond our imagination. Some of the best designers in world are exposing their pieces on the exhibition, you will find designers like Charles Frederick Worth, Normal Hartnell, John Galliano, Christian lacroix, Vivienne Westwood and off course the queen of the wedding dresses Vera Wang You can also view The dresses worn by famous celebrities also make an appearance with a purple dress worn by Dita Von Teese for her wedding to Marilyn Manson and the clothes of both Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani on their wedding day. So, if you have a wedding plan in the future or simply love the history and fashion and you like to see vintage dresses who made history don’t forget to book your ticket here.

You can also go after the exhibition to visit London, this extraordinary city who was always surprise me in a beautiful way is incredible, don’t be afraid to explore everything you want to see, you can find it on internet a lot of information and news and also sites who can help you managing your booking, for example I recommended this site because doesn’t have hidden taxes and you can search hotels near Hyde park area, who will not love to stay near the Buckingham palace with that unbelievable view and not mentioned the changing of the guard ?!  The site looks very nice and is easy and fast to make a booking, and if Buckingham palace is not your cup of tea..do not worry,  you can explore day and night London, I’m sure you heard about Big Ben,St James Park, The London Eye or others museums and art galleries with fancy history and art, you’ll be impressed with this city that boasts so many art places..not mentioned British Museum who is one of the biggest and important museums in the world and I give you a secret: the entrance it is free! So choose a lovely hotel and don’t stress, life in London is good, you will always find ways to have fun and search for new things in a big and important city like London.  Here in the big city we have everything..only you are missing!

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How have the fashion styles changed in casino over the years?

For many women spending a night out at the casino can be a lot of fun. Participating in casino gambling is always an exciting time. However, with many people playing at a casino online nowadays a trip to a land-based one isn’t always just for gambling. Also, the restaurants found at casinos can provide a delicious meal. However, before venturing out for the evening, women must choose what they wish to wear. For some this can be a difficult decision. Today’s casinos usually prefer that women dress in a style known as smart casual when visiting the casino in the evening.

When putting together a smart casual outfit for the casino, you may want to think of planning your outfit out in parts. Smart casual outfits are typically comprised of separates that have the ideal balance between casual and smart. Skirts can be part of any smart casual outfit so long as they follow certain guidelines. The hem should be appropriate, which is just past the knees. While any colour can be worn, the best options are black and gray which seem a bit more formal. Skirts should not be skin tight or have high slits. Dresses can also be worn with the same guidelines. Avoid wearing sundresses as they just don’t fit within this style.

Slacks can also be successfully integrated into a smart casual outfit. They should be loose fitting and not tight. They can be dress slacks worn to the office. Additionally, they may also be more casual slacks such as chinos or corduroys. When choosing to wear casual slacks then the top pieces must all be dressier to make the look truly smart casual. Jeans, with certain conditions, can also be part of the outfit. They must be in good condition, free of detailing and in a darker hue. This would stone wash or acid wash jeans. Also, the popular styles with rips and tears should never be worn to the casino.

I selected some dresses who can fit your personality for an amazing night on a casino:





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The Stop Over Guide to London

The Stopover Guide to London

It is not uncommon for a traveller, en route to the rest of Europe, to make a stopover

in London. Whether you’re a first timer or a frequent visitor to London, there are

a multitude of attractions that will fill your time there, but it’s vital you take into

account the time you have at your disposal. You also need to think about your budget

– some activities are free, while others can cost a considerable amount. This brief

stopover guide to London should help you decide how best to roam this great city.

If you’ve never been to London, here’s a tip. The weather will decide what you

can or cannot do! It’s often said that England doesn’t have a climate – only weather,

that changes several times a day. Remember the all-too-familiar gentleman in a boiler

hat holding a brolly? It will pay for you to carry one!

Hop aboard a double-decker bus

This is a favourite with tourists the world over. It’s so easy, as these sightseeing tours

are run several times a day, and it’s a one-stop shop in terms of seeing London’s most

famous sights at one go. Expect to see Big Ben, the Tower of London and St Paul’s

Cathedral as you bus about the city.

The London Eye

Located on the Southbank of the Thames River, this is a great place to start if you

have enough time. In summer, queues are long, so you’ll need be realistic about

whether you can afford to spend time here. It’s also not a cheap option, at about £25.

However, taking a ride on the biggest ferris wheel in Europe and seeing the views

down below is arguably a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

St James Park

Adjacent to Buckingham Palace and part of The Royal Parks, this is a lovely place to

spend a portion of your afternoon. If you have something to get off your chest, or you

just feel like reciting a poem, make a stop at the world-renowned Speakers’ Corner

and say anything you like – no one can stop you!

Museums and art galleries

If you fancy history and art, you’ll be impressed with this city that boasts many

museums and art galleries. Notably, the British Museum with its seven million

artefacts from all over the world will be sure to please the biggest of history buffs.

On the other end of the scale, try out Tate Modern, next to the Thames River. It’s

considered one of the world’s best modern art museums, and you can finish off your

outing with a cocktail or meal at its popular restaurant.


If you’ve got a fat wallet, or even if you don’t, visiting Harrod’s Department Store

is a must, simply because everyone’s heard of it! With top fashion, home wares

and gourmet food, this will satisfy even the most discerning of shoppers. If you’re

after a bargain, the ever-popular Bermondsey Market is the place to go. Considered

one of the best in the world, it’s on every Friday on Bermondsey Street. Get there

early though – it starts at 5am and runs through to noon, but most of the bargains are

snatched up within the first few hours. And yes, you’re allowed to haggle!

Scare yourself silly!

For something a little less clichéd (and if you like a good scare), try the London

Dungeon. There are rides, special effects, and live actors thrown in for good measure

in this underground attraction.

There really is something for everyone in London, whether you’re there for

a long time or just a short while. This has only been a brief overview – the city’s

attractions go far beyond this list. Check out a travel agent such as corporatetraveller.com.au

for more ideas, or if you just need a little help organising your trip!

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One big surprise – JullyWithLove first video

Tadaaa astazi va prezint primul meu video pe youtube si primul meu outfit filmat, am emotii, sper sa va placa si sa ma urmariti de acum inainte. Astept impresiile voastre cu nerabdare, va pup.

Hope you are surprised, I have to say I’m not an expert in making videos so please don’t criticized :) . Don’t forget to follow me :) on youtube.


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